Image of Shantelle Shore

    Diva Creative, founded by Shantelle Shore, is a new and exciting graphic design studio in Toowoomba. Shantelle has had a long history in the creative arts, attaining a Bachelor of Arts (Music) and a Master of Arts (Theology).  Also, Shantelle has been highly involved in the music industry for many years, both in Brisbane and Toowoomba, as well as travelling internationally to perform on several occasions.  During that time, she also worked in Advertising, Promotions and Event Management around the region.

    Recently, Shantelle decided to follow her love of graphic design by studying in a Diploma of Graphic Design at the South West Institute of TAFE Qld. Shantelle brings to Diva Creative, the creativity learned in her Arts degrees and performing, her understanding of Advertising and Promotions, and her skills to create high quality designs ranging from business cards to total business branding.

    Please feel free to call or email Shantelle at Diva Creative to discuss more about what Diva Creative can do for your graphic design project.

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