As part of my website, I would like to use this blog to help people develop their own knowledge, skills and resources.  Since I started studying Graphic Design I have spent a great deal of time looking for the right resources to use.   Also, I love to scrapbook.  In fact you could say that Scrapbooking started my love for Graphic Design.  Putting elements on a page and making them sit in harmony with each other.  Even in class, as my friends would attest, I do refer to my scrapbooking “how to’s” a great deal, and in many circumstances they have held me in good stead.  So, I was recommended to this page:

> Creative Market (Facebook Page) – press here to be linked to their facebook page.

It has lots of digital bits and pieces you can use if you like to do digital scrapbooking, or just like a nice picture or background.  Also, they don’t require you to have an expensive monthly membership, and some of the sellers may just be people you already know….as I found out myself.

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Mazel Tov, Shantelle.