Diva Creative text with flourish ribbon ending in a butterfly.Hello World!

I am writing with an update to Diva Creative.  As part of my course I was challenged to re-brand (even though it has only been a few months) my business and I have succeeded.  So here I release to the world my new logo for Diva Creative, and my new motto is “Where Ideas Take Flight!”.  This has been a gruelling process, one that I am happy to say will not be repeated again… well not until much into the distant and unforeseen future.

I am happy to get some thoughts and feedback.  Please feel free to email with your comments to s.shore@divacreative.com.au.

Secondly, I wish to announce, though I have already put it up on facebook, that I recently won the Bronze medal in the national competition: Southern Cross Packaging Awards.  I am extremely happy about this.  You can see my entry in my portfolio, it is the Birds Eye Packaging.

Finally, I see that Creative Market have another fantastic deal for all those creative bods out there.  Have a look, I think you might be surprised at what’s there.

Great…well I’ll leave it there.